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At a recent gallery showing I had, the legendary painter, Jim Warren ( is quoted as saying: “I didn’t know how serious of a photographer you were until I saw that! THAT is Art! Thank you so very much, Jim, for your encouraging and very kind words!

Vicki Norton Photography NYC Angel.png

This was a very interesting shot for me. My friends and I were standing at the corner in front of Bergdorf Goodman department store in NYC, waiting for a cab. It was raining and we had just walked 8 miles that day already. I turned around and saw this magnificent 25 foot Angel mannequin display with gold feathers in the window. I quickly grabbed my camera and shot the Angel hoping she would turn out. When we got back to the hotel and I uploaded the photo, I was shocked at what I saw. The building directly across the street was reflecting through the window and got picked up in the photo. Much to my surprise, I found out later that my best friend and her daughter were standing with the blue umbrella to the left facing the window. I was elated I got them in there and the photo speaks for itself!


Vicki Norton Photography NYC Times Square.jpg

We were on a bus coming back from Bayhead NJ to NYC. We were tired from a long day, but as the bus approached Times Square I saw the lights reflect and dance from the rain on the windshield and pulled out my camera. I asked the bus driver to turn off his windshield wipers so I could take this photo. He obliged as we continued driving down the street. I aimed and this was the final shot! I hope you enjoy it!

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