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My Art Inspirations



These two incredible artists are my art inspirations and my art heros!!


Several decades ago I saw extremely impressive, fun, whimsical and very colorful paintings in Hawaii at an art gallery. They were from Jim Warren, I followed him ever since after I returned to the mainland and I visited Wyland Galleries in Laguna Beach where Jim and Wyland were collaborating for above the water and below the water art! It was a gorgeous creation!! When Facebook began, I found Jim in digital form and started to collect his images in a album on Facebook and share them. My dream was to someday meet him and own a print. 


Fast forward at a gallery showing here in Clearwater in 2019, I was honored to be asked to have my photography on display after Jim and the famous painter Dick Zimmerman had their gallery showing for a week and an unveiling of their co- collaboration painting at Second Street Studios. I got to finally meet Jim for the first time after following him for over 35 years. When he saw my NYC Angel (Signature Series) he said, "I didn't know how serious of a photographer you were until I saw that! THAT IS ART!" I was speechless as it was coming from the master himself! These were kind and impinging words that inspired me to get even more serious about my photography. 

Vicki Norton Photography Dick Zimmerman Website Banner.jpg

During that show, I also had the great honor of meeting world renowned Dick Zimmerman, www.Dick I became familiar with his bright, colorful, soul impinging portraits of icons i.e. Salvador Dali in his home in Spain, Michael Jackson, some 15 paintings, as well as his famous Thriller album, Jane Seymour, and so many more! Some 28 years ago I also inquired about Dick painting my son's portrait but I was not able to afford it, however his paintings left an indelible impression on me forever! So now too, I get to meet the incredible Dick Zimmerman!


Not long after meeting Dick, I asked him if I could take his photo. He was kind and gracious and let me do it. I showed him the photos and he pointed to one and said, send that to me! I asked what he was going to do with it and he said put it on his website! And he did! What an honor!


One day as the show was ending I got a message from Dick to ask me to photograph him and Jim Warren with their collaboration as well as both of them individually. I was thrilled!!! I met them and took many photos of which three were published in the prestigious Tampa Bay Magazine for Jan/February 2019 Issue. You can see a few photos here I took of both of them. These two incredible artists are My Art Inspirations and My Art Heros!!

Vicki Norton Photography Dick Zimmerman Tampa Bay Magazine.jpg
Vicki Norton Photography Jim Warren Tampa Bay Magazine Photo.jpg
Vicki Norton Photography Dick Zimmerman & Michael Jackson.jpg
Vick Norton Photography Jim Warren Gallery.jpg

Finally I'm now a proud owner of The Piano by Jim Warren and he touched one of my photos by putting a heart in the clouds which he named "Love is in The Air". You can find it in my Signature Series.


Thank you for listening to my story!


Much love, 

Vicki Norton 

“I didn’t know how serious of a photographer you were until I saw THAT! THAT is Art!”  

~ Jim Warren, World Renowned Painter

Grammy - Award Winning Artist


NYC Angel is the composition of the reflection of a 25-foot, gold-feathered mannequin captured through a department store window in NYC. 

At a recent gallery showing the kind and impinging words from legendary painter Jim Warren inspired me to get a little more serious with all of the fun I was having sharing my unique vision with friends, family and followers.

“I didn’t know how serious of a photographer you were until I saw THAT! THAT is Art!”  

~ Jim Warren, World Renowned Painter

Thank you Jim Warren for your encouraging words and validation of my artistic vision!

Visit the Street Scenes Collection to see more information on NYC Angel.

NYC Angel from Jason.png
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