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I continued to post photos of brilliant and aesthetic sunsets, among other scenes. Today, I am the anointed “Sunset Whisperer” It is my true honor to be so named!

Photography continues to be a passion that I will never abandon. With it, I can bring beauty and light to a world cloaked in darkness.


I dedicate my photographic inspirations to Sherwood Ball, my late husband, who gave me so much in his brief time on this planet. For that, I am truly blessed and eternally grateful!!

About Vicki Norton

For as long as I can remember, I have had a deep and passionate love for Nature’s eternal beauty and ever-changing vistas. Art was my focus throughout my schooling, and I studied it extensively, developing a keen eye for composition.

I had taken up photography at a young age but abandoned it the day my studio equipment and cameras were stolen. Years later, I took it up again, though not really embracing it until my late husband Sherwood Ball passed away unexpectedly in 2015.

Unable to sleep for months because of my loss, I walked a lot. I walked alone through many nights with only my camera as a companion. I shot sunsets, boats, bridges, and birds … just about anything that struck my fancy. 

I posted my photos on Facebook; later, Instagram. Rave reviews for my photography followed! Somewhat surprised, I had discovered that people want to see beauty in this time of political unrest and turmoil. 

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